Importance of General Contractors Having Insurance

General contracting work involves a fair amount of risk for you and your employees. For this reason, it’s important to have general contractor’s insurance protecting your business. Whether you work in high-rise construction, electrical repair or home construction and remodeling projects, the importance of getting insurance coverage against accidents cannot be ignored. 

General contractor’s insurance offers a number of benefits for contractors to choose from to include liability, building and personal property coverage, loss of income coverage and more. If you or your employees cause an accident on the job, liability insurance covers personal injuries or property damage to others from the accident you caused.

Building and property damage coverage protects your business in the event of damage due to faulty construction. Sometimes these claims are made years after the project has been done. For ongoing protection, you may need to extend your policy to cover your interests for years to come.  

Having the appropriate insurance coverage frees you to concentrate on your many job responsiblities without having to worry about financial protection. You can learn more about general contractor’s insurance policies in the Texas area by contacting Pierce Insurance. Contact us today! Get a quote from a qualified agent for just the right policy to meet your business needs.