Important travel insurance advice

Traveling can be very enjoyable, but if something goes wrong you can also be out a lot of money. Travel insurance can help protect against that. It’s important that you have coverage on your trip, but also that you’re protected if you end up cancelling your trip for some reason. Sickness is the most common reason to cancel a trip or cut it short, and should be a part of your travel policy. You may also want to cover issues like theft of belongings, especially if you’re visiting an area where theft is a problem.

Don’t overpay or overbuy, though. Check with your current insurance companies and see what kind of coverage is provided by your medical and homeowners policies. It’s possible that some travel is already protected. If that’s the case, you don’t need to buy something that will just cause an insurance overlap. Only pay to cover the issues that are the most likely to occur and not already covered by your current policies. Be sure you have protection for trip cancellation, medical evacuation, and the loss of your baggage. Those are the most significant, most expensive, (and most likely) issues you’ll encounter.

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