Understanding How Seniors Feel About Health Insurance

Less Tech Savvy Seniors Navigating The New World Of Insurance

When it comes to insurance for seniors, it is important to consider the fact that those in their golden years are less tech savvy. Most “Get a Quote” experiences happen online and many are enrolling for health insurance using marketplaces found online. Therefore, it is important to take a closer look at how seniors feel about the new world of health insurance.

  • Many seniors admit that they have so much difficulty choosing their existing coverage that it would take something major for them to enter the health insurance shopping market again. Their frustrations with enrolling for healthcare are evident.
  • Nearly all seniors find the overflow of health insurance information that comes to them through both regular mail and email to be overwhelming. This causes them to ignore all incoming messages, meaning they may be missing out on vital information.
  • Seniors stated that the only factors that would likely cause them to switch their health insurance plans would be a drastic change in their healthcare needs, a major change to their provider network or coverage, or an increase in the cost of prescription medications.

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