Is an Independent Agent Really my Best Option? Yes!

You go online, spend 15 minutes, and bundle your car and renters insurance. No hassle, no human contact, and now you are completely covered. Not so fast! You went to an insurance company’s site. All the site does is sell basic insurance for auto and maybe home. No one scours your application to make sure you get every discount you are entitled to get. No advisor spoke with you to make sure that you have bought insurance that will adequately cover you. Yes, you are insured – but how well are you insured? You should consider using an independent insurance agent.When you insure with an independent agent you get more than insurance. You get fair and friendly advice and help in designing a complete insurance portfolio.

The Pierce Insurance Group services residents throughout the state of Texas from their offices in McKinney. They are an independent insurance agent that offers you an honest choice of top-rate insurance companies. Unlike a web site or an agent employed by an insurance company, independent insurance agents work for you. Once they place your insurance with the carrier of your choice, that insurance company pays them. Using an independent agent does not cost you anything. But, since they have a network of great companies for you to select from, they save you money.

The Pierce Insurance Group is a full service insurance agency and has products for all lines of insurance including auto, home, health, commercial auto insurance, and commercial property insurance.

Call us now at 469-252-8001 for a free insurance checkup and a no obligation quote. Put one of our independent agents to work for you now!