Is Babysitter Covered While Driving My Car?

You trust your babysitter with the most precious people in your life. You may also occasionally trust them with your automobile. The question becomes whether the babysitter or nanny is covered by insurance in the event of an accident.

Before you make any assumptions, check your policy. It will state whether you have coverage for listed drivers in your household and permissive drivers. Permissive drivers are simply people who are given permission to operate your vehicle. If permissive drivers are included in your policy that means that your babysitter would be covered if she had an accident while driving your car.

It’s important to know that there are some insurance policies that do not extend coverage to anyone outside of those listed directly on the policy. In addition, there are some policies that have what is called “step-down revisions.” Say you carry higher than state-minimum coverage. A policy with “step-down revisions” means that if someone not listed on your policy has an accident the liability limits lower to the state minimum. In short, even though you’re paying to make sure that you have more than enough liability insurance, you may not have the amount needed in place if someone else is driving your car.

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