Keep Your Toys Covered This Summer

If you are one to enjoy lakes during the warm summer months, then you most likely have some sort of summer toy that needs insuring. A few examples of these are sea doos, jet skis, RVs, ATVs, and WaveRunners. For these toys you should consider both liability insurance as well as physical damage coverage. If you already have an umbrella liability insurance policy, make sure you add your toys to the liability coverage! Here are a few other summer toys that you may want to consider insuring:

  • Trampolines: Trampolines are fun for the kids, but also are associated with increased risk of injury. See if your homeowners insurance policy covers a trampoline. If not, be aware that some carriers may decline your policy if they find out you have a trampoline.
  • Pools: Pools will not be covered under your homeowners policy. The earth may move and ruin the foundation of your pool, or someone could get hurt playing in it. There is no coverage offered for the former scenario, but your homeowners should cover the second.
  • Boats: Boats may be covered under your homeowners policy, but it is important to double check. Either way, it is smart to insure your boat on an entirely separate policy so that your homeowners insurance will not go up following a boating accident.


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