Must-Haves for the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Chips, dips, and a large-screen TV, some Super Bowl party necessities are no-brainers. Even three TVs and your team 21 points up at half-time aren’t going to make up for serving guests warm drinks or making them stand the entire game, though. So, when you’re planning your Super Bowl get-together, make sure your checklist includes the following things:

Seating – If you have a small place or limited budget, get creative. Throw pillows, blankets and seat cushions on the floor around the regular seating.

Paperware – Get plates, bowls, napkins and cups. Go with products made from recycled materials and you’ll be Earth-friendly, while still saving yourself on clean-up.

Food and drink – Don’t forget non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers.

Ice – It’s always the first thing someone ends up running out to the store to get.

Coolers or buckets – Buy a few and put them around the party space for easy access. Or, if you don’t have the room in your place or budget, stopper the bathtub, fill it with ice and turn it into a temporary beer cooler.

While it’s a non-necessity, nobody hates watching the game on a bigger screen. If you do buy a bigger TV for the Super Bowl, don’t forget to check your insurance policy to make sure you’ve got plenty of coverage. When you need to get a quote in McKinney, Texas, we at Pierce Insurance Group are here to help you, so contact us today!