Myths About Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance doesn’t need to be confusing, which is why we take a look at the top 3 myths!

Although it can be morbid to think about one’s death and the aftermath of it, it shouldn’t be ignored completely. Life insurance ensures that the once you leave behind suffer no financial strain from one less income, your existing debts, and funeral expenses.

Myth No. 1: I don’t need to worry about my health
Unfortunately, illness or death can happen at any time, to anyone. Even with low life insurance, the death benefits are minimal. These benefits increase with time, so it’s best to get life insurance young and build up the policy.

Myth No. 2: Medical underwriting is only a formality
A medical exam is a good determiner of your health and what policy you are eligible for. Your insurance provider will find out if you have told a white lie about your medical history from the results of the exam, which can severely delay the process.

Myth No. 3: Life insurance rates are set
Dedicated life insurance agents work with you to find the best insurance rate for your needs and your budget. As one gets older the rates will continue to increase, so it’s best to insure now rather than later!

To speak with a professional insurance representative, contact Pierce Insurance Group today! We offer term or whole life insurance so that you and your loved ones can feel confident that reliable life insurance is there to help.