Mortgage Life Insurance Vs. Term Life Insurance: The Best Option for You

Purchasing a new house is an absolute delight. However, as exciting as it may be, purchasing a new house comes with a slew of decisions. One of these considerations may be whether to get mortgage life insurance or personal term life insurance. Let’s start with what pays off a mortgage and the fundamental differences between […]

Do I Require Flood Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

When a natural disaster such as a flood hits home, one of your major concerns is the safety and protection of your property. It’s crucial to understand that simply having homeowners insurance will not suffice as most homeowners’ policies do not cover flood damage. If you’re unclear whether separate flood insurance makes sense for your […]

Tips to Ensure You Can Seamlessly Switch Your Car Insurance

Finding the right car insurance can sometimes be complicated due to life changes. Perhaps your financial situation has changed, or you’re planning to move to another state. If recent life changes have caused you to consider switching your car insurance, here are some tips to guide you through the process. Assess and Adjust Your Coverage […]

What Will Happen When You Pay Off All Your Mortgage?

Paying off a mortgage seems like a dream come true, but what happens next? You’ll still have to deal with property taxes, and you’ll still need home insurance to protect your assets. Here are a few important points to know when you pay off your mortgage. Check if you have Received the Relevant Documents After […]

Is Auto Insurance Loyalty a Good Thing?

Every year, thousands of people assess their auto insurance coverage. Shopping around provides an opportunity for people to find a better rate. There are others who are satisfied with their coverage and opt to renew their policy. Insurance companies are excited to have loyal customers. Most insurance companies reward customer loyalty through offering discounts and […]

Will Renovations Impact Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums?

Deciding to make changes to your home is an expensive decision. It’s essential that you talk to your insurance agent to understand how specific upgrades and improvements will impact your home. Many home improvements will actually drop the cost of your homeowners policy, while others will dramatically increase it. When you begin to make renovations, […]

Why You Should Choose an Independent Insurance Agent in McKinney, TX

Buying insurance is not the same as buying groceries. You are buying financial protection to save your future self from “tight corners.” You have to do it right. Although you can buy your insurance from a company or captive agent, you can also do that from an independent agent. These agents are free insurance agents […]

9 Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Mistakes Common To Policyholders

Home insurance is coverage meant to protect your home from sudden damage like theft and fire. If any of these occurs, the next thing is to file for a claim. When done wrongly, your claim will be denied or delayed. Here are some homeowners insurance claim mistakes common to policyholders. Not Reading Your Policy First […]

Vote Pierce Insurance Group for Living Magazine’s 2022 Best of Readers’ Choice Awards!

Living Magazine wants readers to vote for their favorite local business, and Pierce Insurance Group is in the lineup! Here’s how you can vote for us: Click the link here Enter your full name, zip code, and email address Once you enter the necessary information, click “next” Choose “Professional Services” under the Select Industry drop-down […]