Homeowners, Protect These Commonly Stolen Belongings

Home burglars target these items the most. During the month of December, the number of home invasions increases significantly.  This is because many people leave their homes unoccupied while they visit their loved ones for the holidays.  If you plan to travel this holiday season, then it’s important that you protect your home and belongings.  […]

Who Needs Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Why having roadside assistance benefits you. Have you ever been driving along when suddenly you experience a serious issue with your car?  Whether it be a blown tire, a dead battery, or an overheated engine, most drivers are not equipped to handle such problems with their vehicles.  As a result, you may be forced to […]

When It’s Time to Review Your Life Insurance

Knowing when it’s time for a life insurance review. When you secure life insurance, you cannot simply let your policy sit idle.  Instead, you should regularly review and update your policy to ensure that you have the right coverage to meet your changing needs.  But when exactly are you due for an insurance review?  Here’s […]

New Parents and Life Insurance

What new parents should consider when securing a life insurance policy. Becoming a parent is stressful, overwhelming, and exciting all at the same time.  However, it can also be really scary for new parents who are hit with the realization that their child is completely dependent on them.  While this is a common and natural […]

Does Your Education Level Affect Your Car Insurance Costs?

Does a degree mean car insurance savings for you? When insurance providers calculate your rates, they take many personal factors into account.  Surprisingly, one of the things they will look at is the level of education you have achieved.  But why does this affect your car insurance costs?  Here’s what you need to know. The […]

Secure Extra Coverage with Home Insurance Endorsements

How you can extend your homeowners insurance coverage. As a homeowner, you know that you can rely on your home insurance policy.  Unfortunately, your policy cannot offer you all the coverage that you need.  Oftentimes homeowners need to secure additional coverage through policy endorsements.  But what exactly is an insurance endorsement, and how do you […]

Watch Out for These Dangerous Design Trends

Avoid these risky interior design trends. When it comes to decorating your home, you may be tempted to adopt the latest design trends.  However, it’s important to understand that certain design trends actually pose a risk to your loved ones and your home.  Here are some of the dangerous interior design fads you should avoid. […]

What Your Home Insurance Will and Will Not Cover

What your homeowners insurance covers when it comes to these common risks. As a homeowner, you expect your insurance to have your back.  Unfortunately, all insurance policies have limits, and your homeowners insurance is no different.  To ensure that you are not caught off guard, here is what your homeowners insurance will and will not […]