Commercial Property Insurance: An Introduction to the Waiver of Subrogation

Commercial property insurance covers the financial loss stemming from the loss or damage of business property. The scope of coverage depends on the terms agreed upon between the policyholder and the insurer. This means every policy is different in that respect. For example, some insurers only cover losses based on a named insured. In other words, […]

Life Insurance Coverage Options for Cancer Patients

If you buy life insurance before being diagnosed with cancer, your beneficiary will receive the death benefit after passing away. However, buying life insurance may be challenging but not impossible for patients diagnosed with cancer. Your options may be limited, but getting life insurance financially secures you and your loved ones’ future. This blog will […]

What Would Be Considered a Workers’ Compensation Injury?

Workers’ compensation insurance is a crucial protection for employees, providing coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits in the event of a workplace injury. But what exactly constitutes a workers’ compensation injury? In this blog, we’ll discuss what is considered a workplace injury, what workers’ compensation insurance doesn’t cover, how to file a […]

8 Boat Winterizing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Winterization of your boat is an essential maintenance step that you must follow to ensure that your boat remains safe and protected from the elements during the winter months. If you want to enjoy a glitch-free boat experience all through the year, winterization is vital. However, there are several boat winterizing mistakes that boat owners […]

Debunking Small Business Insurance Myths to Unfold the Facts

Small business insurance myths and misconceptions can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. So, business owners need to have a clear understanding of the facts to make informed decisions about their insurance coverage. Let us discuss some common small business insurance myths and the truth behind them. Myths About Small Business Insurance All Insurance Policies are […]

Can Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Burst or Leaky Pipes?

Plumbing leaks and frozen pipes can cause extensive damage to your home. If the damage occurs suddenly and you have no fair warning, your homeowners insurance will normally cover the damages. If you properly maintain your home, many plumbing issues will be identified and fixed before they have a chance to do major damage. There […]

5 Common Commercial Auto Insurance Myths Busted

Many mistake commercial auto insurance for traditional auto insurance and believe that it can be used interchangeably for their business activities. It is important to remember personal auto insurance policies are designed and assessed differently because they were not designed for commercial use. More importantly, business owners require the extensive coverage provided by commercial auto […]

Does Renters Insurance Provide Coverage for Storage Units?

Renters insurance coverage protects your belongings stored on and off premises, including your rental home, apartment, and storage units. However, it will cover your storage units only up to a certain limit, and deductibles also apply. Let us discuss the basic coverage limits for storage units under renters’ insurance and how to increase them, if […]