Does your Insurance Agent Care?

Independent insurance agents do not work for an insurance company. They are in business to help you, as a consumer. Pierce Insurance is an independent agent that cares about the customer’s best interests, not just what is good for an insurance company. You want to deal with someone that understands your needs and puts those […]

The Samaritan Inn: Our 2013 Charity of Choice

Thank you to all our clients for your support of the Samaritan Inn last year. Because we were able to make such a big impact we have decided to partner with them again this year. The Samaritan Inn is Collin County’s largest shelter for the homeless. We will be donating $25 for every referral we […]

4 Ways to Catch up on Retirement Savings

If the recession has caused you to fall behind on your retirement savings, you’re not alone. Forty-three percent of Americans had less than $10,000 saved in 2010. However, if you are one of the 43 percent, even if you haven’t saved anything at all, you can still retire comfortably regardless of your age, according to […]

Helping Reduce Childhood Lead Poisoning

To help ensure families protect their children from lead poisoning, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently announced new Guidelines on how to identify and control lead-based paint and related hazards in housing, and to help property owners, government agencies, and private contractors sharply reduce childhood exposure to lead without unnecessarily increasing […]

Relationships Matter Most: Pierce Insurance Group

The Pierce Insurance Group was designed with our customers’ needs in mind. We are in the business of establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers and accommodating their insurance needs as precisely as possible. This is our top priority. We work with our customers to provide convenient, no-nonsense insurance coverage, all the while […]

Our Reputable Partners

Whether you’re looking for a trusted professional contractor to replace your roof, seal the driveway of your Texas home, or your looking to refinance… we can connect you with the right contractors and business professionals. We’re the Pierce Insurance Group. We’re a local business with longstanding ties to our community, and we’ve built solid working […]

Only the Best for our Clients at Pierce Insurance

Here at Pierce Insurance, we place the highest value on the customer relationship we have with each and every customer. As an independent agent our allegiance always lies with our customers. Let us help you with all of your insurance policy needs f rom auto insurance to business insurance . Our commitment to you is […]

Decorate Your Home Safely for the Holidays

Decorations make the holiday season festive. While you want to celebrate the season with lights, ornaments and candles, you should also exercise a few safety tips. Safe decorating practices ensure your holidays remain festive and safe. Prevent electrical shorts: Before hanging lights, inspect each strand. Replace missing bulbs, and throw away strands with torn insulation. […]