Professional Liability Insurance: Protect You and Your Business

Professionals in any field need to obtain professional liability insurance to protect the company from financial losses. Although the business insurance protects the company, it is also an important part of keeping business owners from facing personal financial challenges in specific situations. Facing a Lawsuit The reason that liability insurance is necessary is the potential […]

Keep Your Auto Insurance Down; Avoid Accidents with these Safe Driving Tips

Following simple safe driving tips can make the difference between paying a small fortune in insurance costs and cutting back on the monthly expenses. The only way to have low cost auto insurance is by taking measures to avoid accidents. Keep to the Speed Limit Car accidents often occur as a direct result of driving […]

Renting Your Home Out? Read this.

Renting out your home is a great way to develop a second income, especially if you don’t have a mortgage on the house. However, in addition to maintenance fees and other standard costs, you might be forgetting rental property insurance. Whether you have personal property you allow the tenants to use, such as a furnished […]

Coming Changes to the Health Arena in 2014

One of the biggest changes to healthcare through the Affordable Care Act, takes place in 2014. People with pre-existing conditions are now able to purchase personal health insurance. All citizens in the United States must have personal health insurance. Having no health insurance means stiff penalties costing more than insurance premiums. Pierce Insurance Group can […]

How to Protect Your Home’s Foundation During a Drought

A combination of severely hot temperatures and excessively dry weather can be quite problematic for homeowners. The damage this type of weather can cause is far more serious than wilted flowers or dead landscaping. A drought can actually cause damage to your home’s foundation. A lack of moisture in the soil surrounding your home causes […]

The Current Draught Issue in Texas

Texas trees and crops are for the most part gone due to the current draught issue in Texas. Wildfires and dust storms have been a few of the complications. Hundreds of homes, cattle, and crops were destroyed by wildfires. Numerous drought conditions are not going to disappear any time soon and could last for 10-15 […]

The DIfferent Types of Life Insurance: Which one is right for you?

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and purchase some life insurance, you may find that the choice is a challenging one. That’s because of the different types of life insurance available, and because there is a good chance you are getting conflicting advice. On one hand, there are term life insurance policies available that will […]

Ways You Can Fireproof Your Home

Did you know that insurance rates decrease when you place fire detectors and smoke alarms in the home? The bedroom, kitchen and basement are key areas to accommodate detectors. Keep in mind that these detectors will require testing at least every six months. It is important to protect your home during this draught Texas is having, so […]

Texting While Driving Statistics for TX

As of February 2013, Texas is attempting to pass a bill to outlaw driving and texting. This bill was nearly a law, making it a criminal offense to text and drive. Before this could become a law at that time, the Governor vetoed it. Texans expect to see this bill come into action mid 2013. […]