Will Your Auto Insurance Cover Your Passengers?

Understanding how your auto insurance policy can protect your passengers.

When you drive other people, there’s an implicit understanding that you’re going to do your best to keep them safe. It can be frustrating and even downright frightening, then, when you get into an accident. Will you be able to take financial responsibility for any injuries your passengers sustain?

If you’re wondering how to use your auto insurance to protect your passengers, use this guide.

The best thing you can do to safeguard your most precious cargo—your passengers—is carry medical expenses coverage. This type of protection is specifically designed to step in and cover medical bills and rehabilitation expenses if you or your passengers are injured in an accident you cause.

What if you’re not the at-fault driver? Fortunately, the other driver’s liability coverage—which they are legally required to carry in Texas—can cover your passengers’ doctors bills.

Would you like to learn more about how you can leverage your McKinney, Texas auto insurance to take care of the people you carry in your car? To talk to an expert about how your coverage can step in for your passengers, contact Pierce Insurance Group.