Password Protection Tips for a Safe Social Presence

Unfortunately, the majority of us reuse the same few passwords for each of our accounts so that we do not forget them. With data breaches and cyber attacks becoming a main concern of the modern world, it is imperative that we partake in safe cyber measures. In doing so, you must create unique passwords that are not easily guessed by criminals. Gathered are some helpful tips for password protection:

  • As bothersome as this may seem, each account should have a unique password. Failure to do so will only result in mass hackings if a criminal guesses one right.
  • Avoid the common password combinations. This includes your street address, last name, middle name, nick name, pet’s names, etc. In fact, avoid using any clues that could be found on your online presence.
  • It is important that you utilize letters, numbers, and symbols in your passwords, such as P@s$w00Rd!Pr00t3ct.
  • Most importantly, never share your password with others. If you suspect that someone knows your password or watched your keystrokes, change it immediately.

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