Pierce Insurance Holiday Safety Tips

Pierce Insurance would like to wish everyone happy holidays, but while you are hopefully watching all of your holiday wishes come true we would also like to extend to you a few safety tips. After all, you never can be too careful, especially this time of year. As the holidays draw nearer, the pace of the world all around you becomes much faster. People rush here and there, all in a mad dash to wrap up last minute errands and shopping. Then there will be traveling to loved ones, and the result of all this madness is more people on the roads and often less care paid to what else is going on around them. We know that it is the other driver you have to watch out for because you would never allow yourself to become that distracted, right? Right. Just the same, you might want to brush up on a few of these safety tips as you enjoy the rest of this season. Driving Tips

  • Remain alert at all times. Distracted drivers are not on top of their game and may pull out in front of you or run a light.
  • Do not talk on the cell phone and try to drive. You will be distracted yourself and less aware of what other drivers are doing.
  • Do not get in a hurry. Keep your speed down. The more distance you keep between yourself and the car in front of you, the more time you have to react should someone else try something foolish.

Parking Tips

  • Keep your doors locked at all times. Theft is on the rise this time of year, but it isn’t necessarily the car itself you have to worry about; it’s the goodies you’ve just bought from the last store.
  • Keep items in the trunk or out of sight whenever possible. Thieves are most likely to break into cars when they see something they can grab quickly.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season, from Pierce Insurance Group!