Pool Chlorine + Kids= Problems. How to Stop it.

Spending time in the pool with your kids can be a great way to enjoy the summer. However, there are several issues that the chlorine from pools can cause for your child just as it wreaks havoc on your swimsuits. This is why it is important to know how you can address the issues.

Burning Eyes

Chlorine in the eyes can cause them to burn and leave them red for hours after. The best thing you can do is buy goggles for your child. This can help them learn to keep their eyes open in the water as well.


Spending time in the pool can dry your childrens skin out. It can turn it chalky which has the potential to turn into a rash. The best way to keep this from happening is to shower right after getting out the water. With this, you should also make sure you use lotion to help neutralize the chlorine and moisturize the skin.


Hair is like a sponge for chlorine and can leave your family’s hair feeling straw like. To prevent this, wet hair before getting in the pool. After swimming, use a hair cleansing formula, either natural or store bought on the hair.

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