Preparing Your Home for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike without warning and cause hazardous destruction to your home. Here are some tips for preparing a disaster plan to keep your home safe through natural events that could strike in your region:

Downpour and Flooding – calk exterior cracks, install a waterproof membrane along the foundation and apply sealant to your basement walls.

Severe Winter Storms – Keep snow cleared from windows and walls, rake deep snow from the roof and insulate exposed pipes.

Strong Winds and Twisters – Keep trees trimmed, remove yard objects, set up a garage door brace and install shutters for your windows and doors.

Hail and Freezing Rain – Store your car in the garage, replace your windows with storm windows and install a roof cover for class 3 or 4 impact.

Earthquakes – anchor bookcases and water heaters to walls, install flexible connectors for your pipes, brace walls with large openings and secure your chimney.

Natural Fires – Store flammable items 30 feet away, use mulch and gravel for your landscaping and install a woven wire mesh spark arrestor for your chimney.

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