Protect your Home’s Foundation During the Summer Heat

Texas summers are hot, dry and known for droughts. This weather, combined with the clay soil many homes are built on, can cause problems with a home’s foundation. The dryness can cause the soil to contract, and as a result the foundation can become damaged, cracked and even shift.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to keep a moist environment around the home. This can be done by watering the actual foundation and several feet of earth around it at least every other day. The best time of day to water is when the temperatures are at their lowest – usually early morning and late evenings. If you have a lot of landscaping or trees around the home, provide these areas with extra water as plants and trees will absorb a lot of the water. For convenience, soaker hoses can be laid in soil beds and used to keep the foundation and surrounding soil wet.

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