How To: Having The Safe Driving Talk With Your Teen

Use these tips to help you have a successful safe driving talk with your teen driver.

As a parent, watching your teen walk out of the DMV with their new license can be a very exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. While you are proud of their accomplishment, it also means they will be navigating the roads on their own.

Use this safe teen driver conversation outline to help ensure your teen is ready for anything they may encounter on the road.

  • Stay confident – a simple conversation can help to positively influence how your child behaves behind the wheel. Don’t second guess your judgment when it comes to showing them how to stay safe.
  • Be a safe driver – kids follow by example. The safer you are when you are driving, the better example you will set for your kids.
  • Study the facts – teens tend to take more risks while behind the wheel, including driving at night, speeding, or being distracted, all which lead to a higher collision risk. The more you learn about the risky behaviors that your child is taking, the better you can find ways to prevent them.
  • Be involved – safe driving talks with your teen should not end as soon as they get their license. They should be an ongoing conversation for years to come. Being involved throughout their driving experience will help to reinforce safe practices, helping to keep them protected while behind the wheel.

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