Safety Behind the Wheel: Tips for Your Summer Drive

Stay safe on summer roads with these tips.

Whether it’s the daily work commute, the school run, or a summer road trip, driving in the hottest season has its challenges. As well as sun glare, you’ve got high temperatures to contend with, which can make your car behave differently. In addition, roads are busier, especially en route to airports and around tourist destinations. Before you head off, review these tips for your summer drive.

Plan your journey. If you have a road trip planned, map it out beforehand. You may not stick to it, but at least you’ll have a route mapped out if you get lost or want to avoid traffic.

Check your car’s fluids. During the summer, we all need water to stay active and prevent dehydration. Your car isn’t any different. Fluid levels help to keep your car running smoothly, so ensure that you top up the engine oil, windscreen washer fluid, engine coolant, and fuel.

Top up the tires. High temperatures and under-inflation exacerbate existing damage and weak spots, increasing the risk of punctures. Before setting off, check tire condition and pressures on a vehicle, as well as anything you may be towing.

Avoid the glare. You may love basking in the sun, but sunlight is not ideal when it bounces off your windscreen, making the road hard to see. Keep the glass clean, repair scratches and chips, and wear non-light-reactive sunglasses while behind the wheel.

Pack a kit. Whether it’s a long journey or not, you should always have an emergency kit in the trunk of your car. This should consist of a breakdown triangle, water, first-aid kit, map, flashlights, and other essentials.

Drive extra diligently. With schools about to break up for summer, it’s important to keep an eye on certain areas. Drive carefully through neighborhoods where kids may be playing in the middle of the day.

Now that you know how to make the most of your summer drive, be sure that you secure the right auto insurance for your needs. At Pierce Insurance, we’re dedicated to giving each driver the coverage they can count on. Visit our team to get started.