Safety Tips for Driving at Night

Winter road conditions can be nerve wracking, add to them fewer daylight hours, and it’s no wonder that safe driving becomes an issue.

Here are four suggestions for night driving safety:

Use Your Best Vision

At night, drivers can detect lights and movement, but have difficulty perceiving depth, colors and sharp details.  Avoid hitting animals by looking for headlight reflections in their eyes. Keep your eyes moving rather than focusing on one area, and always scan the road.  Also get regular checkups from a vision professional. 

Adjust Lighting

When high beams or billboard glare appears, look toward the right edge of the pavement and steer along it. Check that your headlights aren’t misaligned.  Improper adjustment can affect your sight and blind oncoming drivers.  Dim interior lights that interfere with maximum ability to see.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Dirty headlights, taillights, turn signals, windows, windshield and mirrors minimize your ability to see what’s happening while on the road.  Keep a clean cloth in your vehicle.

Stop When Necessary

Pull over periodically to eat or get out of your vehicle.  When tired, rest before resuming your trip.  To be aware what other drivers are doing, you must be alert.

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