Should You Go Ahead with Your Insurer’s Recommended Repair Shop?

Getting into an accident and damaging your car can be a nightmare. If you have the right insurance, car repairs or buying a new car can be easy. However, when you approach your carrier for a claim, they may ask you to visit the insurer’s repair shop for further process.

Is It Mandatory to Use the Insurer’s Preferred Shop?

Before you make a decision, you must know that there is no compulsion to go ahead with your insurer’s choice. In most states, the insurers are expected to give a choice to the policyholders.

However, your insurer’s repair shops are generally the best ones in your area. Since insurers have a contract with these shops, they offer the best services at reasonable costs.

Moreover, the insurers carry out due diligence before they sign the contract. They ensure that the repair shop fits into their quality standards and also offers them the right training.

Your insurer’s repair shop will know the claims process and may have the right contacts to speed up the process.

What If You Want to Pick Another Repair Shop?

If you have been in a similar situation, you know that the adjuster may try to sway your decision to visit another repair shop. They will try their best to send you to the insurer’s recommended repair shop.

However, the choice is yours. Consider these things to make the right decision:

  • Make sure that your repair shop offers a lifetime guarantee on the repairs.
  • Pick a shop that has worked with your insurer earlier for faster turnaround time.
  • Confirm the credibility of the shop as deliberate price inflation on their part may cause trouble for you. Your insurer may deny processing your claim in such situations.

In the end, you decide whether or not you want to choose the insurer recommended repair shop. If you need some help with your auto insurance coverage, contact the experts at Pierce Insurance Group. We are ready to answer all your insurance questions.