Spring Driving Safety Tips

Spring is just around the corner! Follow these safety tips to help you stay safe in spring driving conditions. 

  1. Be aware of potholes. Roads take a beating in winter and some of them may not be fixed until late spring or summer. Watch out for potholes and slow down if you’re forced to drive through one. Keep your tires properly inflated to avoid damage from deep potholes.
  2. Avoid puddles. Big puddles can bring big surprises. You can’t know how deep they really go. They can also damage your brakes or cause you to hydroplane.
  3. Drive more carefully in wet conditions. Roads can be surprisingly slick once it’s started to rain. Slow down and allow more distance between yourself and other drivers.
  4. Watch out for bikers and runners. Now that the weather is warmer, you’ll see more pedestrians with you on the road. Keep your eyes and ears open and leave plenty of distance between your car and anyone sharing the road with you.

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