Stay Safe This 4th!

The 4th of July is coming up soon, which means we all need a refresher on holiday safety! Keep these safety tips in mind to ensure nothing ruins your holiday fun:

  • Be a smart swimmer. Pool activities are often associated with the 4th of July, so make sure you are a strong swimmer if you get in the pool. If your swimming isn’t that great, make sure you never swim by yourself.
  • Separate the kids from the fireworks. Consider attending a fireworks show put on by professionals as a much safer option.
  • Drink responsibly. You wouldn’t want to make an alcohol-induced mistake with dangerous fireworks and children around. The outcome could be catastrophic.
  • Stay hydrated. Keep your body full of water as you celebrate in the hot outdoors and protect yourself from a heat illness.
  • Don’t leave the food from the potluck out all day. This will increase the likelihood that bacteria in the food will multiply and cause you and your guests to become sick.

The Pierce Insurance Agency team would like to wish you a safe and happy 4th! If you have any questions about insurance in the McKinney area, the qualified professionals at Pierce Insurance Group will be able to assist you, today!