What To Do If Your Luggage Is Stolen

Your existing insurance policies may be enough to provide coverage if your luggage is stolen.

The holiday travel season can be very stressful. If you think it can’t get any more stressful, do you know what you would do if your luggage got stolen? Stolen luggage can add a ton more stress to your holiday plans, as well as a heavy price tag as you try to replace everything inside. Knowing how to handle stolen luggage can help you deal with the whole situation as smoothly as possible.

As soon as you get off the plane, you should head straight for the baggage carousel. Making any extra stops can increase the chances that your bag will be taken. Luckily, many airlines will scan all bags when they are loaded on and off the plane, which can help you figure out if your bag was actually stolen or simply delayed.

If your bag is stolen after it is unloaded from the plane, it is not the responsibility of the airline. You can go to customer service and ask if they have any information on your bag, but that is about all you can do.

Your stolen bag may be covered under the personal property portion of your homeowners insurance. Before you head to the airport, give your insurance agent a call to see if you have the right coverage in case your bag is stolen.

If you don’t have coverage, you should consider investing in travel insurance. While travel insurance won’t be able to replace your bag, it can provide a payout to help you replace everything that got stolen with the bag.

For all of your insurance coverage needs this holiday season, contact Pierce Insurance Group in McKinney, Texas. As an independent insurance agency, we will work with you to ensure you have the right amount of coverage to fit your specific needs, all at the right price to fit your budget.