Storm Season: Are You Covered for a Falling Tree?

Generally speaking, a standard homeowners policy covers events such as a tree falling on your house or garage, whether the garage is attached or not. Any structure that is insured, is covered against a falling tree, but there are usually limits to the dollar amount of coverage.


Standard policies also usually cover damage to the trees, themselves, if they should be struck by lightning or by a motor vehicle, vandalized, or stolen.  


But if a tree hits your home, you are typically covered for not only the damage it caused to the structure, but also to a limited extent for the removal of the tree. Regardless of what caused the tree to fall, you are generally covered with a standard homeowners policy. This includes natural storm season events. There are some exceptions, however.


If you grew the tree for a specific business purpose, an additional business insurance policy is required. If the tree fell on your property without striking or damaging an insured structure, there may be no coverage for its removal, unless the policy includes coverage for driveway or walkway blockages, including handicapped access ramps, etc.


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