Homeowners, Protect These Commonly Stolen Belongings

Home burglars target these items the most. During the month of December, the number of home invasions increases significantly.  This is because many people leave their homes unoccupied while they visit their loved ones for the holidays.  If you plan to travel this holiday season, then it’s important that you protect your home and belongings.  […]

Do I Really Need Umbrella Insurance?

4 Common Scenarios That Call For Umbrella Coverage Often, people view umbrella insurance as a policy for the rich and famous, but in today’s litigious society, everyone can use a little extra liability protection. While you may be inclined to assume otherwise, we have gathered 4 common scenarios that call for umbrella coverage: Accidents involving […]

Common Neighborly Scenarios that Lead to Liability Claims

The prevalence of homeowner liability claims are continuing to rise, meaning it is imperative that you reduce your liability risks. Many homeowners do not realize that being a helpful neighbor can actually put them in harm’s way of a damaging liability claim. We want you to be protected, which is why we urge you to […]