Home Warranty & Homeowners Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Learn the real difference between a home warranty & homeowners insurance. While both a home warranty and homeowners insurance are great to have under your name and your home, they offer different types of protection. Be sure you know the difference between the two and why you should consider getting both. Home Warranty A home […]

The Top Ten Stolen Cars

How To Keep Your Car From Making the List While you may have your eye on the yellow Lamborghini streaking down the street, car thieves are on the hunt for more common models. Chop shops are more likely to be able to turn over frequently purchased cars, and the ten most commonly stolen cars in […]

Remodeling Your Home? Why You Need to Take a Look at Your Insurance Policy

When it’s time for a change of pace, many families decide that changing the appearance of their home is a good solution. If you are remodeling your home, you need to take a look at your insurance policy. Whether you are doing the remodeling work yourself or have hired a contractor, be aware that you […]