How To: Having The Safe Driving Talk With Your Teen

Use these tips to help you have a successful safe driving talk with your teen driver. As a parent, watching your teen walk out of the DMV with their new license can be a very exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. While you are proud of their accomplishment, it also means they will be navigating the roads […]

Making a Speeding Ticket Quick & Painless

How to handle receiving a speeding ticket. Whether you were intentionally speeding to make a green light, get to work on time, or you just nudged past the limit to merge, you can quickly find yourself on the receiving end of a ticket. If you are left with a fine in hand, be sure that […]

Car Maintenance & Insurance For Teens

What Your Teen Driver Needs To Know Before your teen can get his or her license, he or she will need to attend driver’s education. Ideally, that would teach your teen everything he or she needs to know, but there are a couple of areas driver’s education often only glosses over. One of them is […]