Does Renters Insurance Provide Coverage for Storage Units?

Renters insurance coverage protects your belongings stored on and off premises, including your rental home, apartment, and storage units. However, it will cover your storage units only up to a certain limit, and deductibles also apply. Let us discuss the basic coverage limits for storage units under renters’ insurance and how to increase them, if […]

Insurance Changes after Divorce

Getting a divorce is never an easy process. Along with dividing your assets, you also have to consider your insurance policies. Make sure to look into these insurance policies before your sign the final papers. Auto insurance. When you split up your auto insurance policies, you will no longer be able to qualify for a […]

FAQ – Renters Insurance Protects Against Loss

Residents of rented houses or apartments are less likely to consider the probability of loss than property owners are.  Less than 30 percent of all renters carry a renters insurance policy.  Each time an apartment building is damaged in a storm, fire or flood, news reports speak of the many people who have lost everything […]

How Relying on your Landlords Insurance can Cost You

You might be asking yourself, "do I need insurance if I’m renting?" The short answer to that question is yes. While your landlord has some sort of insurance in place on the property, it probably doesn’t extend to your personal belongings. Instead of worrying about what might happen to your things if you have a […]