Should Your Parents Stop Driving?

If your senior parents are getting too old for the road, it’s time for The Talk.

Many adults face a time when just as you have become accustomed to your teenager driving, you start to worry about your aging parents as drivers. You may start to see unexplained dents on their car or that they aren’t reacting to traffic as they should be. Perhaps you have decided it’s time that they give up their keys for their golden years.

This conversation is a tricky one to handle, so use these tips for a successful outcome:

  • Observe driving habits and make a mental note of slow reaction times, difficulties, and instants that they may have overlooked. This way, you can refer back to an actual circumstance.
  • Consider suggesting a class to tune-up their driving skills!
  • Offer transportation alternatives such as family rides or making better friends with the neighbors for lifts. Talk up public transport (if you can!) Be aware that they will not want to lose their sense of freedom so be ready with a compromise or alternative.
  • Keep the conversation light and do not confront your parents – This never ends well! Start with a suggestion about giving up their keys rather than insisting on it.

Your parents should enjoy their later years! To know that they are safe behind the wheel is peace of mind that you can find in auto insurance. For a quality auto insurance policy in McKinney, Texas, visit Pierce Insurance Group.