Teach Your Teen Driver These Unexpected Skills

Make sure your teen is prepared for these unusual driving situations.

While your teen might be a good driver, chances are they are a bit overconfident in their abilities. As a parent, you know that being prepared is the best way to ensure that your teen driver stays safe on the road. Make sure your teen is ready for anything by teaching them how to handle these unexpected driving situations.

1) Flat Tire

If your teen is learning to drive, you should also take the time to teach them how to change a flat tire. While it’s easy to call someone to get your tire fixed, your teen should still know how to change a tire in case they are caught in an emergency situation. Teaching them how to deal with a flat tire will prevent them from panicking if they are faced with tire trouble while they’re driving alone.

2) Night and Bad Weather Driving

Most teens learn to drive in optimal driving conditions. They have no problem driving around when its bright and sunny. However, your child needs to be prepared for more unfavorable driving conditions as well. For starters, have them practice driving at night and help them deal with the reduced visibility and the bright lights of other motorists. Additionally, you should also try to take your teen driver out when it’s raining, windy, snowing and so on. Teaching them how to safely maneuver the roads under these circumstances will help them stay safe when they’re off on their own.

3) Navigation

In the age of smart phones, many teens simply rely on their devices for navigation purposes. As a result, many teen drivers do not know how to read a map. If your child is ever lost in an unfamiliar place and doesn’t have access to cell service, they could be in trouble. To prevent this nightmare scenario, teach your teen how to read a map and use it to navigate. Teaching them this driving skill will help them return home safely.

Keep your teen drivers safe by teaching them how to handle these unexpected driving scenarios. Another way to make sure your kids stay safe out on the road is to make sure they have the right insurance protection. To find the right policy for you, contact the experts at Pierce Insurance Group. Our dedicated professionals are eager to assist you with all your insurance needs.