Texting While Driving Statistics for TX

As of February 2013, Texas is attempting to pass a bill to outlaw driving and texting. This bill was nearly a law, making it a criminal offense to text and drive. Before this could become a law at that time, the Governor vetoed it. Texans expect to see this bill come into action mid 2013.

When drivers neglect to follow this law, there is a fine of $2.00. If caught a second time this fine will go up, or if caught texting in the area of a school the fine could be $400.00 and upwards. If the driver puts their car in park, they can then access their handheld device.

Texas allows a voice activated hands free cell phone for calling, receiving calls and texting. Like most other states, Texas will ban any handheld device that reads writes and texts. These devices include the Smartphone, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, video gaming, GPS systems, and more. This includes using these devices while stalled in traffic and at stoplights.

Texas has deemed cell phone texting as dangerous as drinking and driving. When this bill passes, fines will be in excess of $500.00. The most recent statistics for crashes due to texting was just over 16,000 deaths, during 2001 to 2007. In the next three years, this rose to over 26 percent.