The Insurance Your College Kid Needs

Make sure your college kid has all the coverage they need this school year.

College is a time of extremes.  From the stress of moving to a new place and making new friends to the pressure of excelling academically and maintaining a social life, college kids have it hard.  Knowing this, it’s natural for parents to be concerned and a little bit anxious about their children embarking on this new journey.  One way to ease your troubled mind is to make sure that your child is prepared and covered for anything that might come their way.

Student Healthcare

Most universities require that students have some form of health insurance, and many schools offer a student health plan.  School health plans are a generally affordable way to ensure that your child has basic health coverage.  If you want to keep your child on an existing plan, check with both your insurance company and the school to ensure that your student will be adequately covered.

Renters Insurance for Students

While your student is living in campus housing, it’s important to consider getting renters insurance.  With the portable nature of laptops, tablets, cell phones, and even speakers, theft is a big concern on college campuses.  While homeowners insurance policies may extend coverage to your child’s electronic devices, their residence in college housing might affect this protection.  If your student is living off-campus, additional renters insurance may be necessary.

Student Auto Insurance

If your student is planning on taking a car with them to school, make sure that they and their car are covered.  Your student’s auto insurance rates depend on the state you live in and on other individual factors (full-time student status, location of the school, student’s age, etc.), so check with your insurance company to find the best fit for you and your family.

Umbrella Insurance for Parents

As previously mentioned, college is a time of extremes and this could mean some extreme behavior from your student.  If your child is still a dependent, you can be held liable for any damage or injuries that your student causes.  An umbrella insurance policy provides extra protection for you and your assets in the case of a lawsuit against your child.  While increased coverage translates to higher premiums, you might want to take precautions for your peace of mind.

This fall, make sure your college student is covered and ready for anything.  Contact the professionals at Pierce Insurance Group for all your personal and commercial insurance needs.