The Rest of Texas is Conserving Water this Summer. Are You?

Texas is a hot state and homeowners should be aware of the risks involved with poor water conservation practices. Droughts and heat waves force everyone to think about what we do with water. But, water conservation should be a primary consideration for the entire summer.

Conserving water in the summer has to do with proper watering of lawns and gardens. Keep in mind that in most cases a lawn only requires about an inch of water. Lawns are best watered early in the morning or late in the day. Running a sprinkler system throughout the day is wasteful.

Avoid watering your pavement and house. Use porous hoses that sit in the midst of the garden or in the middle of the lawn. Fix broken and leaking sprinkler heads. Be sure to set them for proper projection and position them to exclusively cover the desired area. If necessary, replace your current system with the a system the projects the water at the appropriate distance.

Pierce Insurance supports consumer initiatives to “play it safe” this summer, and helps consumers “look” safe while doing it. Contact us for more information on ways to conserve and save and keep insurance premiums low this summer.