The Top Six Things You Can Do To Help Preserve Your Foundation

No matter how strong your home is or how well it was built, it’s possible that you could still experience foundation problems.  However, there are things you can do to protect your foundation and help reduce the chances of this happening. 

Here are some preventive maintenance tips you can use to help preserve your home’s foundation.

1.  Periodically inspect your home for signs of trouble.  Look for cracking in the brick, the slab, siding that’s pulling apart or any other unusual movement.

2.  Always keep the dirt around your foundation at least six inches below any exterior home coverings.

3.  The ground around your home should slightly slope away from the foundation.  Additionally, never allow the ground to slope towards your foundation.

4.  Monitor the tree roots and any other foliage that surrounds your home to make sure their root systems aren’t causing damage to your foundation.

5.  You should water your home’s foundation regularly to help keep the ground from drying out and cracking and ruining the foundation.

6.  If at any time you notice that your doors don’t open and close properly, you should have your foundation professionally inspected.  There may be foundation issues you can’t see. 

The longer you wait to address foundation issues the more expensive they will be to repair.  You home is a big investment and repairing a foundation is one of the most expensive repairs a home could experience.  Fixing a problem early is the key to saving yourself loads of money.

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