Things to Avoid with Your Auto Insurance Claim

Don’t make these mistakes when filing an auto insurance claim.

If you’ve been in a car accident, then you might be feeling stressed about filing an insurance claim.  Fortunately, filing a claim is a pretty straightforward process.  Just make sure that you avoid these mistakes, and your claim will proceed smoothly.

Mistake 1: Attempting to Forgo Insurance

After being involved in an accident, many drivers attempt to settle accident costs between themselves without getting their insurance involved.  However, doing this is risky.  Oftentimes, car damages look better than they seem, and the money that the other driver gives you for repairs might not be enough.  At this point, it would be too late to file a claim with your insurer, so you would be forced to cover repair costs on your own.  Additionally, if you suffer latent injuries that you discovered after you and the other driver exchanged money, then there’s no way to get your medical bills covered.  Again, you would be left paying for these expenses out-of-pocket.

Mistake 2: Waiting to Call Your Insurer

It’s important to call your insurer and file your claim as soon as possible.  This ensures that you can remember details accurately, so your claims adjuster gets the full picture.  Additionally, most auto insurance policies include a clause that requires car owners to report claims “promptly.”  Usually, this means reporting claims within 24-hours of the incident or risking loss of coverage.

Mistake 3: Placing Blame or Admitting Fault

When filing your claim, it’s important that you recount the details of the accident as accurately as possible without accepting blame or accepting fault.  It is up to the police and your insurance company to determine who, if anyone, was at fault for the accident.  So, avoid letting your own opinion to bias your account, and let your insurance company conduct their own investigation.

These are some of the things you should avoid when filing an auto insurance claim.  Do you have additional questions regarding your auto insurance?  If so, then contact the experts at Pierce Insurance Group.  We are ready to assist you with all your car coverage needs today.