Three Auto Insurance Discounts for Good Drivers

If you qualify as a good driver then you might be eligible for these good driver discounts.

Auto insurance companies—and all insurance companies for that matter—use statistics to predict a driver’s likelihood of getting into a car accident, and then set their rates accordingly. If you’re a good driver in their books, you can get some real discounts on your auto insurance coverage. If you consider yourself a good driver and haven’t been in many accidents, you may qualify for some of the following good driver discounts and save you money.

  1. Look for good driver discounts

Obviously, the best way you can get a good drivers discount is by being a good driver at all times. Having a clean driving record (meaning no traffic violations, or cause any accidents) will take a great bite out of your insurance premiums.

  1. Traffic School

If you get a ticket, it’s no the end of the world. Attending traffic school is a good way to show your insurance company that you’re serious about making changes in your driving habits, for the better. By attending traffic school, your ticket will be dismissed and your insurance company won’t be notified of this little blunder.

  1. Drive Less

It doesn’t take a aerospace engineer to figure out the less you drive and spend on the road, the lesser your chances of being in an accident. If you drive fewer than around 7,500 miles over the course of a year, you may be eligible for a discount of ~15 percent or more! Carpooling or biking to work can quickly cut your mileage down.

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