Three Steps to Achieving Perfect Spring Lawn

Kick off your spring gardening right by fixing the things everyone will notice first: the lawn.

Lawns are the face of yards everywhere. If your grass looks about as sad as a Philip Larkin poem, you may think that all hope is lost. Giving your grass some attention towards the end of winter will definitely pay off when spring comes rolling around. You may be really excited, but the first day of gardening is always the hardest; it’s when everything sinks in and you realize how much work you actually have. Worry not, if you keep working beyond the first day, your garden will look beautiful before you know it. Getting your lawn in perfect shape is the first step in the hike towards the much sought after Spring Garden.

Step 1: Aerate the Soil

Compact soil is hard for water, air, and roots to permeate, which makes it hard for anything—especially grass—to grow. You can either rent a machine which works like a lawnmower to make your holes, or you can purchase spikes and walk on your grass as you impale it and make it less compact.

Step 2: Mow Old Grass Short

If you have lawn that is considered cool-season grass, you can skip this part. But if your lawn is a warm-season lawn, you should really consider this step. Cut the winter grass to remove thatch, and accumulation of the grass filled with dead stems and leaves. Heavy layers of thatch blocks water from properly flowing to the roots of the thirsty grass.

Step 3: Stop Weeds

The number one enemy of a healthy looking lawn is weeds. As the temperature reaches 70 degrees F, seeds of lawn weeds start sprouting. Stop them by applying lawn weed preventer in the late winter. This layer prevents weed seeds from germinating on your lawn. (Tip: Don’t aerate your lawn after you spread the weed killer. Aerate first.)

Your garden took a lot of hard work to grow and maintain. To have the peace of mind that you deserve when it comes to your garden and home, get in touch with your Pierce Insurance Group agent and contact us today for an all-encompassing homeowners insurance policy in McKinney, Texas.