Three Tips for Home Maintenance This Spring

Daylight savings time is here, giving everyone more evening sunlight. After you’ve adjusted to this time change, use those evening hours to get a jump on some spring home maintenance chores. Tackle one task each evening, and by the time warm weather is here, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors guilt-free.

1. Change your filters.

Many people do well with remembering to change their furnace filters. However, many other expensive appliances have filters that should be checked and cleaned or changed several times a year. You should change your vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, refrigerator water dispenser, and air purifier filters on a regular basis to maintain the highest efficiency and ensure a longer lifespan for your appliances.

2. Make an appointment for air conditioner maintenance.

Before the dog days of summer hit, you should make an appointment to have your HVAC unit maintained. This appointment will make sure that your unit is operating at peak efficiency.  The technician will lubricate moving parts, check the thermostat, check the refrigerant levels, and give the whole thing a good cleaning.

3. Check your alarms.

When the time changes in the spring and fall, you should check your smoke alarms and your carbon monoxide detectors. Change the batteries and test the alarms to make sure that everything is working properly. If your alarms are more than ten years old, you should replace them.

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