Three Tips For Keeping That Older Car On The Road

When it comes to living on a budget, relying on an older car is usually part of the plan. Vehicles that aren’t brand new really rely on regular maintenance to keep running so well. A healthy car is an inexpensive one, so follow these simple tips.

  • Remember to flush your coolant at least once a year and replace it with fresh fluid to keep the extreme heat of the engine from damaging it. Just topping it up only works for so long, and then a full replacement is needed.
  • Stick to your oil change schedule and don’t be tempted to skip a visit. Running a car on a clogged filter and worn out oil can shorten the life of a vehicle. If you rely on the car for your daily commute, you can’t afford to forget about the oil and miss an important deadline.
  • Pay attention to the squeaks and squeals, especially when turning and starting up the engine. A quick inspection catches a problem while it is still small.

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