Do I Really Need Umbrella Insurance?

4 Common Scenarios That Call For Umbrella Coverage

Often, people view umbrella insurance as a policy for the rich and famous, but in today’s litigious society, everyone can use a little extra liability protection. While you may be inclined to assume otherwise, we have gathered 4 common scenarios that call for umbrella coverage:

  1. Accidents involving multiple vehicles often exceed the coverage limits of the standard auto insurance policy. This likelihood increases dramatically when individuals are injured in the accident.
  2. Living in the home of your dreams makes you want to show off your property, but having guests over makes you vulnerable to liability threats. Imagine if your boss’ son falls in your pool and is seriously injured. You would be liable for both the medical bills and the lawsuit that will likely follow.
  3. If you are a landlord, even if you rent out your second property on occasion, you are extremely susceptible to liability threats. Opting for additional coverage allows you to feel confident in your investment at all times.
  4. Unfortunately, we never know how our furry family members will react to others that they are not comfortable with, and dog bite liability claims are one of the most expensive liability claims homeowners have to deal with.

Contact Pierce Insurance Group in McKinney for all of your Texas umbrella insurance needs. In today’s litigious society, who doesn’t need a little extra liability protection?