Ways You Can Fireproof Your Home

Did you know that insurance rates decrease when you place fire detectors and smoke alarms in the home? The bedroom, kitchen and basement are key areas to accommodate detectors. Keep in mind that these detectors will require testing at least every six months. It is important to protect your home during this draught Texas is having, so Pierce Insurance Group thought we’d provide you with some tips and tricks about how you can do just that:

-Check fire extinguishers for leaks at least every month. Make sure children and young adults  never play with these tools.

– Install an internal sprinkler system as it can save your property from fire.

In the yard, set a fire extinguisher near the family grill. Place grills and propane tanks at least 10 feet from the home.

-Cut out all over-grown or dead greens around the house Cut down trees set close to the house.

Use a fire-resistive roofing and siding to protect your home. Other fire resistive materials for a home’s exterior include stucco, brick, and stone. Decks do well with pressure treated wood, or by the use of cement or composite boards.

-A fire resistant Insulation blown inside the home, known as cellulose can protect your home.

-Have fireproof windows installed in the home.

-Instead of using wood interior doors, use steel doors.

Contact Pierce Insurance Group today to help you protect your home during this draught Texas is cu