What Do You Need to Look for While Buying Motorcycle Insurance?

Whether it is the first time you will buy motorcycle insurance or want to update your policy, choosing the coverage randomly won’t help. In the long run, it may cost you more money if it is insufficient for your potential risks/incidents. So, to help you get the best possible coverage for your needs, we have listed some things you must consider when buying motorcycle insurance. Let us discuss them.

  • Carefully Choose the Motorcycle

Choosing a high-performance, luxury, or sports-version motorcycle may be expensive to insure, as repairing or replacing it might cost more. While choosing the motorcycle, you must consider your needs, like whether you need it for commuting to work or for long rides to explore places and choose the model accordingly.

  • Don’t Go for Customized Motorcycles

Choosing motorcycles that are customized with peculiar features and perks might be tempting, but it may increase your insurance premiums. The reasons are that customized motorcycles are expensive to repair or replace and may attract thieves, so the risk of being stolen is likely high.

  • Enhance Your Riding Skills

Learning to ride motorcycles safely and professionally under any road conditions is a way to reduce accidents and collisions. If you are considered a low-risk rider, your insurance premiums may decrease. So, join any motorcycle riding courses and show the certification to your insurer to qualify for discounts or reduced premiums.

  • Park Your Motorcycle Securely

To minimize the possibility of stealing your motorcycle, ensure you lock it properly and park it in a secure parking area. You can install alarms or immobilizers for added protection. When not in use, park it in the locked garage. These things will make a significant difference in your premiums.

  • Try to Be Claims-Free

Remaining claims-free may decrease your premiums while helping you qualify for discounts. To build up your no-claims history, ensure not to file claims for minor damages or repairs that you can cover out of pocket or are less than your deductible. This may get you discounts when renewing your policy.

  • Pay Premiums Annually

Paying premiums in a lump sum upfront can help you save something on interest that your insurer may charge if you decide to make monthly payments, so, at the end of the year, it might seem the premiums, along with interest, are more than what you would have to pay yearly.

How Does Your Ride Impact Your Insurance Cost?

Riding your motorcycle without taking a passenger will help decrease your premiums. If you have someone with you, your insurer will be responsible for covering their injuries and property damages caused by covered incidents while paying for your damages, so they may ask to pay more.

Choose Only the Required Coverage

Living in a high-risk zone may require comprehensive motorcycle insurance to cover you against all possible perils. However, basic coverage is enough if you keep your motorcycle secure and safe.

The Number of Miles You Drive Annually Matters

The more often or more miles you drive, the more you have to pay for your premiums. So, ensure to drive only for important, purposeful reasons.

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