What is covered by a standard homeowner’s policy?

As a homeowner, insurance is mandatory. One of the main things you should know in-depth is your standard homeowner’s policy. This is important, and you should also review it once a year to make sure there are no changes that you are not aware of. What exactly does this type of policy cover?

  • Structural Damage

In the event you are involved in a theft or a major storm, this policy will kick in to replace the structure of your home and any detached structures that are on the property. Make sure this policy covers the value of what your home is worth.

  • Living expenses

The policy should cover living expenses if you are unable to reside in your home while it is being repaired.

  • Personal Items

Your belongings should be covered to a certain extent, including issues that occur away from your property.

  • Liability

This is important, as it covers if anything happens to someone else on your property or damages from pets.

Additional coverage is always available. For more information, contact us today! Get a quote from Pierce Insurance.