Making a Speeding Ticket Quick & Painless

How to handle receiving a speeding ticket.

Whether you were intentionally speeding to make a green light, get to work on time, or you just nudged past the limit to merge, you can quickly find yourself on the receiving end of a ticket. If you are left with a fine in hand, be sure that you know how to handle it so that the impact and damage are minimal!

For a speeding ticket, you have a couple of options:

  • The Quick Method: Pay the fine
    This is the quickest way to resolve the ticket and put the whole incident behind you! However, if you do this, you admit that you are guilty and accept the conviction. This can end up as points on your Motor Vehicle Report. In turn, these points can cause your auto insurance rates to increase.
  • The Minimizing Damage Method: Attend traffic school
    If it is possible for your circumstance, attending traffic school can potentially reduce the fine, erase the ticket from your record, or remove points from your license. While it may not be the most fun, it is worth your while to endure it.
  • The Innocence Method: Fight a ticket in traffic court
    If you can prove your innocence, you could appeal the ticket in traffic court and walk away with a reduced fine or a cleared charge. Bear in mind that this is not the quickest or cheapest route.

Granted, there are no upsides to a traffic ticket. So that your auto insurance rates remain stable and affordable for your coverage and needs, contact Pierce Insurance Group. We serve the residents and locals of McKinney, Texas with the quality coverage that is tailored to each driver!