What to Do If You Blow a Tire on the Road

Here’s how you can safely handle popping a tire while you’re driving.

Blowing a tire while you’re on the road can be dangerous if the situation is not handled correctly. If this ever happens to you, the most important thing you can do is stay calm and remember these steps.

  • Keep a firm grip on the wheel.
  • Do not brake. Braking may cause you to skid and lose control of your vehicle. Try to maintain your speed as you work to regain control of your car. Steer to remain in your lane and take your foot off your accelerator to gradually slow your car down.
  • Once you have regained control over your vehicle, pull over to the side of the road. Once your car slows to about 20 miles per hour, you can apply your brakes and come to a stop.
  • As soon as your car has stopped, shift into park and apply your parking brake.
  • At this point you should switch on your emergency lights to alert other drivers that your car is experiencing trouble. This will warn them that they should slow down and move around you.
  • From here, you should change your damaged tire or call roadside assistance to handle this for you.

These are some of the steps you should take to safely handle blowing a tire while driving. Want another way to stay safe behind the wheel? Make sure you have the proper auto insurance protections in place. For assistance with your car insurance, contact the experts at Pierce Insurance Group today.