Why Cheap Coverage Isn’t Always Best

Rarely does cheap ever translate into “best,” and that goes double when talking about auto insurance and auto coverage.

One of the few truths in life can be surmised using the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to auto insurance and your coverage, this saying comes to fruition. The temptation to save as much money as possible is difficult to fight, and before you buy the cheapest insurance possible, you should know why this plan may backfire and leave you in a financial rut.


Higher Deductibles = Higher Out-of-Pocket Payments
A higher deductible will undoubtedly lower your monthly premium, but it’s not without a catch. The catch being if you get into an accident, you are going to have to pay a high deductible before your insurance company steps in to help financially. Before you opt for the high deductible, make sure you have the funds for it.


Minimal Coverage = Minimal Protection 

You may satisfy the law with minimal coverage, but the same may not be said of your actual coverage needs. You’d be surprised how easily the lowest-tier coverage can be surpassed if an accident is nasty enough. If you pass your coverage limit, it’s going to be up to you to pay the remaining amount. Consider that a few extra bucks may give you tens of thousands of dollars more worth of coverage and save you from being in a financial rut.

Being cheap for your car insurance is something that will only lead to regret. Avoid this conundrum with a good auto insurance policy. For car accidents, you’ll want to have a quality auto insurance policy in place. To get the coverage you need to be protected post-accident, contact Pierce Insurance Group in McKinney, Texas today.