Why Teenage Driving Can Be a Cause for Concern

Teenage drivers cost more to insure because they pose a higher risk while driving on the roads. While much of this has to do with their lack of experience, there are many other factors to consider. Parents of teenagers can help the situation by spending more time with them behind the wheel. Talking to your insurance agent will also provide you with helpful tips that you can use to help your teenagers become better drivers.

Here are a few reasons why teenage driving can be a cause for concern.

  1. Less Experience

Teenage drivers have less experience behind the wheel and are still learning the rules of the road. Taking a defensive driving course will provide hours behind the wheel as well as a wealth of information about traffic laws and how to respond during certain driving conditions. It will take time for your teenagers to become proficient drivers. The more hours they have behind the wheel with their parents by their side, the better they will become at handling challenging situations on the road.

  1. More Distractions

Teenagers are also more prone to distractions. Texting, playing with the radio, and talking with their friends are distractions that can easily be avoided. Parents should discuss these types of distractions with their teens to help them be more focused when they are behind the wheel. Parents can reinforce the rules concerning distractions by limiting the number of passengers who accompany their teenagers.

  1. Less Likely to Wear Seatbelts

When in a hurry, teenage drivers often forget to wear their seatbelts or use their turn signals. In their haste, they increase their risk without being overly concerned. It is important to encourage them to wear their seatbelts whenever they get into a  vehicle, regardless of whether they are behind the wheel or not. Establishing good driving habits is essential if you are trying to reduce the risk of an accident. Wearing seatbelts should always be a priority.

  1. Speed is Often a Problem

While some teens keep their speed in check, others are less concerned and often go well over the speed limit. If a student isn’t paying attention and they are going too fast, their risk of being involved in an accident dramatically increases. While parents try to monitor their teens driving habits, they can only do so while they are in the car. It’s important to be aware of how fast your teens drive regardless of whether you are with them or not.

These are some of the reasons why teenage driving will always be a cause for concern. However, being well informed will help parents mitigate the risks involved to a great extent. For assistance with your car insurance needs, contact the experts at Pierce Insurance Group. We look forward to answering all your insurance questions and helping you get the right coverage.