Why Do You Need Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability can financially protect you and your family from any accidents that occur and are (allegedly) your fault. 

Personal liability insurance is about financial protection for you and your family. Personal liability coverage that is in tandem with your homeowners policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage for which you or your family members are legally responsible.

Let’s say someone falls down your stairs or your child accidentally kicks a soccer ball through your neighbor’s window–you could be held responsible for the injuries sustained or the property destroyed. Without personal liability insurance, you could be left to pay these expenses right from your own pocket. If you want to be covered for these incidents, make sure that you have a comprehensive personal liability insurance policy.

Medical Payments

Liability insurance can cover medical expenses for which you are deemed legally responsible. In the case of your guest falling down the stairs, they could decide to sue you. Without liability insurance you will be left to pay their medical bills. And with a new administration coming in 2017, these bills could take a dramatic rise.

Personal Liability Coverage Exclusions

A personal liability insurance policy does not include every single kind of accident for which your family may have caused. Every policy is different which is why you need to make sure you go over what is covered and what is excluded with your insurance agent. Typically, things like dog bites and trampoline/pool accidents are excluded from the general policy because these are seen as too risky.

Your insurance company should know about all the risks in your home in order to have the coverage you need.

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