Other Insurance

Being under insured can be incredibly dangerous, for both yourself and your family. Pierce Insurance Group has a wide variety of options to cover all of your personal insurance needs including the following:

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance policies offer additional coverage for all of an individual’s other insurance policies, and may also be able to cover an individual if there are gaps found within their current coverage. Any individual interested in extending the coverage of multiple policies may be able to save money by using an umbrella insurance policy instead.

Watercraft Insurance

Boats, jet skis and other watercraft should all be insured before they are used. Like a car, a watercraft can get into an accident. Watercraft insurance will cover medical bills and property damage. Watercraft insurance will also cover any injuries that occur while onboard the watercraft, whether the watercraft is involved in an accident or not.


For a motorcycle owner, getting out on the road is one of the joys of ownership that makes a daily commute to work just about as enjoyable as a ride that’s purely for pleasure. But as the nation’s roads become more and more clogged with traffic, the risks you face on your motorcycle are fast multiplying. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your bike.

You know that the experience of riding your motorcycle is a lot different from the experience of driving your car. And you should also know that the insurance needs of both types of vehicles are vastly different too. At Pearce, we understand the risks motorcycle owners face as well as their unique insurance needs. We work with a network of top-rated carriers to find the best motorcycle coverage options at the most competitive prices to make staying safe affordable for you, no matter what type of bike you ride, from cruisers to supersports – even vintage models.

We also know the levels and types of insurance you need to be legal while on the road, and we can help determine if the legal minimum requirements are enough for your needs or if you might benefit from additional coverage.

From collision and comprehensive to liability and uninsured motorist coverage, we’ll look at your specific needs to design a custom policy just for you. We can even identify other types of coverage you might not be aware of, like off-season storage insurance or transport insurance to protect your motorcycle from rollover damage, vandalism or other risks while you’re taking your bike from one place to another.

RV / Camper

If you love travel and you love the great outdoors, few things combine those two passions like a recreational vehicle. Traveling with a motorhome or other RV is a great way to see more of the world, and it’s also an ideal way to relieve stress. But just like any other type of vehicle, an RV or motorhome exposes you to all the risks that go along with travel. Making sure you have adequate insurance in place provides not only important financial protection, but critical peace of mind as well.

RV insurance is much different from traditional auto insurance, and unless you work with an agency that’s experienced in handling the needs of RV owners, you can wind up with inadequate coverage that leaves you at financial risk in case an accident occurs.

We provide insurance options for all types of RVs and motorhomes so you can hit the road with the confidence of knowing you have the protection you need to stay safe no matter where your journeys take you. Here are just a few of the coverage options RV owners might consider:

  • Collision damage
  • Comprehensive coverage for damage not caused by a collision
  • Liability coverage for claims filed against you by another party
  • Property damage for the contents of your RV including the HVAC system and other internal systems
  • Campsite liability

ATV | All Terrain Vehicle

There’s no doubt about it: ATV owners love their vehicles, and they love riding. Whether you ride your ATV to check your property, to hunt or just to have fun, you want to be sure you, your passengers and your vehicle have insurance to cover the costs of damage or injury. At Pearce, we can help you get that coverage and get it at an affordable cost.

The type of coverage you need will be based on several factors, including where you ride your ATV. In some cases, if you only ride your ATV on your own property, you may be able to purchase coverage through your homeowner’s policy using what’s known as a rider, a special section of your policy that specifies coverage for additional possessions like ATVs or valuables. If you ride your ATV off your own property, your homeowner’s policy probably won’t cover accident-related costs. What’s more, if you ride on state-owned land, you’ll probably also need to purchase separate coverage for your ATV to be legal as well as safe.

Even when your homeowner’s insurance covers your ATV, there may be important gaps in coverage that can leave you exposed to financial damages in case of an accident. Many homeowner’s policies restrict coverage to damage to your ATV and not to other people’s property or accident-related injury. When personal injury is involved, those costs can mount quickly into tens of thousands of dollars – and sometimes much more.

Flood Insurance

Many homeowners wrongfully assume that flood insurance is included within their homeowners insurance policy. This is rarely the case. Additional flood insurance coverage should be acquired to protect a home against the possibility of flooding and water damage, especially if the home is in a zone that is prone to flooding.


Don’t forget about your RVs, Campers, Motorcycles, and ATVs too. Pierce Insurance Group can often bundle a nice rider to your existing Auto or Home policy package, and can help you get the coverage you need today at prices that you can afford.

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